Aquatechnex provides support for Corps Renovate OTF Research Project


Since 1988, our company has been called on a number of times by the US Army Corps of Engineers Aquatic Plant Control Research Program to provide technical application support.  These studies lead to the registration of a number of new herbicides and application techniques.  Much of this work focused on understanding how to treat flowing waters.

This week we returned to the Pend Oreille River in Washington State to help the Corps document the efficacy of Renovate OTF aquatic herbicide in a river environment.  The Corps research team developed two large treatment plots and a number of reference plots in this section of the river heavily impacted by Eurasian Milfoil.  They documented the species diversity at each site and then had the new herbicide applied.  Our team then made a precision application of Rhodamine WT, a tracer dye that is used to track movement and contact of the herbicide to the plants real time. 

Renovate OTF is a selective aquatic herbicide that is target specific for broad leaf aquatic plants like Eurasian Milfoil.  The liquid form of this herbicide has been available to us for a few years and has had excellent performance.  The OTF formula is designed as a granular flake material with a controlled release matrix.  This technology increases the contact time with the target plants and will prove to be an effective tool in flowing water situations. 

When the Corps project is completed, they will publish their findings and transfer this technology to the aquatic plant management community.  This published data will be very helpful for program managers as they attempt to select the correct tool to restore areas impacted by this noxious weed. 


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