Eurasian Milfoil kills Washington Man

Eurasian Milfoil infestations in western water bodies continue to claim lives.  Early this summer, one of our lakes saw a four year old lost in milfoil at a county beach.  While his parents understood he was under, they could not find him in time in the thick milfoil.  This past week the milfoil in the Columbia River claims a 22 year old male.   Over this past few years, anti herbicide groups have attempted to stop the use of a number of key aquatic herbicides used to combat this weed.  While these products are fully cleared by the US EPA to be used in lakes without any harmful results, the claims of these groups do sometimes find an ear.  It’s important to note that there are no reports of adverse effects of these products on humans, but the milfoil itself continues to kill where not treated. 

For more information including video see


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