We are adding SeCLEAR to our Lake Management Tool Box

Lake and pond systems often suffer algae problems.  As the lowest point on the watershed, they become a sink or trap for all the nutrients that flow in through stormwater or other sources.  Algae can be unsightly and many species of algae produce toxins that are a threat to human health.

It is often necessary to treat this problem growth with US EPA approved technologies and our group has been expert in this field for a number of years.  One new tool we are deploying this coming season is SeCLEAR.  SeCLEAR is a whole new idea in algae management, it combines a EPA approved algaecide to knock down problem growth and a phosphorus sequesting agent and water clarifier.  One application can both target problem algae growth and reduce the amount of nutrient available to target future growth.

For more information please contact us at tmcnabb@aquatechnex.com.


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