AquaMaster Fountains Attract Customers

25 hp AquaMaster Fountain System going for Altitude

Aquatechnex biologist installed a AquaMaster 25 hp fountain system in a lake in Salem Oregon yesterday.  Putting in aeration and fountain systems is a regular part of our programs to help manage lake water quality.  This system is by far the largest we have ever installed.  This small lake system is owned by Salem Auto Dealers, and they have a couple of new car lots surrounding the facility.  This fountain will help draw people to their facilities and make them more visible from the nearby highway.  Pretty neat to see what AquaMaster can do.

We use bottom diffuser aeration systems to help improve dissolved oxygen throughout the water column and improve water quality.  Fountain Aerators can also provide a water quality benefit and when matched with lake management program can dramatically improve lake water quality.

Keep us in mind when your thinking about improving the look of your pond or lake system.


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