Christina Lake British Columbia Continues to Fight Eurasian Milfoil

This pristine lake system in Southern British Columbia, Canada has had an expanding infestation of Eurasian Milfoil for a number of years.  The tools available to manage this problem are limited in Canada and diver removal continues to be the primary method to target this growth.  In 2006, the Regional Government requested our group map and provide recommendations for management.  That report can be viewed at  This document provides interesting maps that show how the operations have evolved at the lake and makes recommendations for program improvement.

This noxious weed however continues to outcompete the ability of diver teams to clear the lake of the problems.  As recently as this past summer, expansion of the weed beds continued.  and are good sources of information on this.  The University of British Columbia is embarking on a project to evaluate the potential for biological control of this noxious weed.


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