Phoslock and Aquatechnex Announce Marketing Agreement

Aquatechnex manager Terry McNabb and Phoslock COO Eddie Edmunds signed a marketing agreement allowing Aquatechnex to represent this innovative technology in portions of the United States.  Phoslock is an Austalian company formed to commercialize technologies developed by the Australian government to sequester phosphorus in surface waters.  Many lakes and river systems are suffering the effects of nutrient loading.  Phosphorus has long been understood to be the key or limiting nutrient for excessive algae growth.  Removing phosphorus from the water column will limit the carrying capacity of a waterbody to develop algae problems. 

Phoslock is applied to lake and river systems after a rigorous monitoring protocol is followed to understand phosphorus dynamics in the system.  Once understood a dose can be calculated to remove the phosphorus from the water column and limit phosphorus exchange from lake sediments.  This technology is not affected by the wide range of water quality parameters that differ from lake to lake like some other technologies such as Alum. 

Aquatechnex will be working with Phoslock to develop turn key programs for lake managers in Washington, Idaho, Oregon, California, Nebraska, Iowa and Missouri.  For additional information please contact


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