Boat Discharge Tax Coming to a lake near you?

Earlier this year, we reported on a judges ruling regarding EPA’s regulation of discharge from vessels.  Large ocean going vessels have caused the introduction of many problem organisms through out the United States.  These ships take on ballast water in foreign ports to balance their load as they travel to America.  They then discharge that ballast water at or near their port in the States as they unload.  This has lead to the introduction of the Zebra Mussel in the Great Lakes and the Chinese Mitten Crab in the Western United States. 

The judge in this case ordered EPA to develop a discharge permit under the Clean Water Act to regulate these discharges.  The problem is that this may filter down to each of us that own a 16 Foot Lund with a 12 volt bilge pump.  If this regulation goes through as drafted, you could pay up to $1,200.00 per year for your discharge permit.  The Clean Water Act is nothing to ignor either, non compliance with these permits carries stiff fines and citizen (environmental groups) law suits are made very possible by this act. 

The link below should be accessed to learn more about this and to see what you can do to prevent this impact on your use of your vessel.


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