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Come see us at the Michigan Lakes and Streams Meeting

April 14, 2008

Aquatechnex will be exhibiting at the Annual Michigan Lakes and Streams Association Meeting in Gaylord, MI on April 25, 26 and 27.  We will be showcasing our Cabela’s Lake Mapping Partner program and our lake and aquatic plant management services.  Adam Kleven will be hosting our booth and we encourage all of you from Michigan to drop by and say hi.  This meeting has an excellent agenda and should be of interest to all that reside on our lakes here in the state. 

For more information on this conference, go to:


Aquatic Plant Management Seminars in Northern California

March 11, 2008

Aquatechnex manager Terry McNabb will be presenting a one hour program titled “Developing an Integrated Aquatic Plant Management Program” at the spring Target Specialty Products seminars in Northern California.  These Seminars will be held in San Jose on April 1, Walnut Creek on April 2 and Roseville on April 3rd.  Target Specialty Products is the leading supplier of lake and aquatic plant management tools in the Western United States.  Aquatechnex is pleased to be able to support them in this educational program. 

For additional information and to view a program:

If your watching the Bob Hope Classic Golf Tournament this weekend

January 19, 2008

Be sure to take a good look at the lakes as you watch the Bob Hope Classic this weekend. The Classic Club is one of our key clients in Southern California. Our team has spend the last week making sure these lakes are sparkling and that really shows up on TV. Being part of the preparation for this event each year is always exciting for our team and it’s interesting to see what goes into putting on a PGA event like this. Nice job guys!

Spotlight on NALMS

May 25, 2007

The North American Lake Management Society (NALMS) is an organization that is making a difference in our field.  Their mission is to improve and protect our lakes and to advance the science of lake management.  NALMS publishes a very informative newsletter and a magazine titled Lakeline on a regular basis.  They hold a annual conference that is well attended and is a good source of information for both scientists and lake property owners.  They have an excellent web site that is a wealth of information. 

Aquatechnex is starting a program of registering our best customers as members in NALMS for the first year.  It is our hope that the information provided and the benefits that the organizations receive in that time frame will help them see the value in membership and keep active in the organization.  We will be contacting them shortly in this effort. 

We have added NALMS to the blogroll on the right column.  Please give this site a look and consider joining.  Thank you for your consideration. 

Aquatechnex Project to be featured on Public Television

May 16, 2007

About four years ago, the State of Florida came to use to help save Wakulla Springs from the grip of the invasive weed Hydrilla.  This pristine water source is an incredible place, a Crystal Clear river bubbles up out of a 200 foot deep cave and runs about ten miles to the Gulf of Mexico.  We designed a program that met their needs and dramatically improved the conditions within this State Park.  A case study on this project is available on our web site at in the government section. 

This morning we learned that the Miami Public Television station will be featuring this project in their series Wild Florida.  They will be airing their episode on the Springs of Florida regionally in June and it should go to national PBS distribution this coming fall.  For more on this series see and check out the Springs episode. 

Eurasian Milfoil in Lake Tahoe

April 24, 2007

This most pristine lake in our Country has been experiencing an invasion of Eurasian Milfoil and Curly Leaf Pondweed.  These two invasive species are starting to spread throughout the basin.  The water clarity in this lake will insure that these weed can grow to greater depths that might normally be seen.  We noticed Eurasian Milfoil in the Tahoe Keys region of the lake in the mid 1980’s and started to discuss options with that group.  As herbicide use is restricted in the basin, the Keys were forced to look at harvesting and rotovation to keep their channels clear.  They have also look at product like the Solar Bee, an installation that promised excellent results but has yet to deliver any. 

The plants are spreading around the lake and starting to impact more and more people.  I will be attending the Tahoe Aquatic Invasive Species Technical Workshop this coming week at Incline Village, and will report interesting developments that come from that meeting late next week.

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Milfoil Diver Seminar this Week in Sandpoint

April 14, 2007

AquaTechnex will be hosting a diver seminar for those interested in learning about the control of Eurasian Milfoil using this technology.  We were among the pioneers of this technique in the early 1980’s performing demonstration projects for the US Army Corps of Engineers Aquatic Plant Control Research program. 

The objective of this seminar is to identify those in the north Idaho region that have an interest in pursuing this line of effort.  The State of Idaho will be providing funding for these efforts and it is critical to the success of the program that there be divers locally interested in pitching in.

The meeting will be at the Sandpoint Community Center at 7 pm on Thursday April 19th.  If interested please show up.  For more information on this technique see below.

On the Road Again

March 23, 2007

The Western Aquatic Plant Management Society ( meeting will be held in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho this coming Sunday through Tuesday.  This group is the regional chapter of the national Aquatic Plant Management Society (  It is one of the key meeting we attend each year to keep our people on the cutting edge of our field.  There is a lot to learn at these meetings.

I’ll be presenting a paper titled “Adaptive Water Resource Management to Target Eurasian Milfoil on Pend Oreille Lake and River”.  This paper will focus on how we used these principles to help our client manage in excess of 4,000 acres of this invasive species this past year.  The $1.7 million project involved the use of four EPA approved aquatic herbicides and a number of non chemical control technologies. 

There will be a number of other interesting papers that will be presented as well and I’ll be reporting on those we think might be of interest to you.  You can also download a copy of the program from their web site to see what was discussed.

Scott Shuler should be congratulated for putting together such an informative program.