Aquatechnex and Sustainability

Our primary efforts as a business are to maintain aquatic ecosystems impacted by invasive aquatic weeds.  Those lakes and river systems that have infestations of these plants are in no way sustainable and our job is to make them so.

We have challanged our group to think about how we do our job and what we can do to reduce our footprint on the environment as we complete this mission.  We have set up a new blog to report on our progress in this endeveour.  Please give it a look from time to time and track our progress in this company mission.

Thanks. or go to the blog roll below and click on the link.


One Response to “Aquatechnex and Sustainability”

  1. Ken Budic Says:

    I live on the Pend O’reille river near Usk, WA. I would like to learn more about and to help elominate Milfoil. I have a degree in Bacteriology from the University of Wisconsin dept. of Agriculture, a Professional degree in Value Analysis, and 40 years plus experience in industrial sterilization.
    Can you please send me some information on what Aquatechnex is, what they do, and how I can help.


    Ken Budic

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