Aquatechnex completes Pro Certification to use Procellacor herbicide technology

Procellacor herbicide was registered by the US EPA this year as one of the new “reduced risk” technologies to target and control invasive aquatic weeds.  This product can be used in potable water reservoirs without restriction, and water from treatment area can be used to irrigate turf immediately.  It has the fastest uptake into the plant of any aquatic herbicide and as such as a very low contact exposure time requirement.

Procellacor is a systemic selective herbicide.  It is extremely active against Eurasian Milfoil and some of the newer hybrid milfoils now discovered in Pacific Northwest Lakes.

As part of EPA’s registration as a reduced risk technology, applicators are required to be trained and certified in the use of Procellacor prior to purchase and use.  Aquatechnex has completed this training and received certification.  We are currently the only ProCertified applicator west of the Rocky Mountains.

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