Aquatechnex announces new web site

Aquatechnex is pleased to announce that we have updated our web site. There are a number of features that we feel will be advantageous to clients and interested parties. This web site was developed in WordPress so this news blog will be consolidated on our front page and people will no longer have to migrate to two different sites to view our company information or our news publications. There is a search box on the top of the page that allows users to look for older articles from the blog. There are links to access our Facebook and Twitter feeds, feel free to “like” and follow us. We have the ability to present case studies and will update this from time to time to highlight new technology. The contact information includes our new customer service 800 number and a form that can be filled out and goes directly to our Client Relationship Management software, we received this information at once where ever we are. Give it a look and thanks to the over 15,000 that have viewed this blog since introduction.



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