Aquatechnex moves mapping technologies online

Aquatechnex biologist mapping invasive aquatic plant bed in North Idaho Lake

Aquatechnex biologist mapping invasive aquatic plant bed in North Idaho Lake

Aquatechnex has long been in the forefront of using mapping technologies to assess and understand water resource issues.  Our field teams utilize DGPS equipment and ArcGIS software to quantify invasive species infestations and map other features critical to invasive aquatic species management. We have also pioneered the use of maps to show clients and/or lake residents where we are working in relationship to their properties.  This is often a confusing point on large lake projects.

People are visual learners, looking at a photograph or map often leads to instant understanding of the subject matter.  Getting maps into people’s hands however has been an issue.  To date, many of these had to be printed and distributed.  Paper maps lack the ability to manipulate the image and subject matter so it can be better understood.  A lake resident for example might want to know if they are within a notification zone for an upcoming noxious aquatic plant management activity.  At a lakewide scale it may be hard to identify their home on a paper map.

Moving these maps online will help streamline our delivery of information to clients and other users.  It will also allow them to distribute the information within their organization or to their constituency.  One example is available at this link.  This shows potential treatment areas on a lake in Eastern Washington that will be targeted this summer for Eurasian Milfoil management as part of their integrated plan.  The treatment polygons are shown in yellow, and the required Washington Department of Ecology notification zone is shown in light blue.  Residents can access this site, compare activities to where they live or use the lake and understand how this treatment may or may not impact them.  As we build more of these, we expect to see a number of others uses with respect to communications as well.


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