Sonar Herbicide delivers 11 years of Eurasian Milfoil Control

Lake McMurray in Western Washington is a 160 acre water body that was heavily impacted by Eurasian Milfoil throughout the 1990’s. In the late 1990’s the residents recognized the problem and proactively went through the process of developing an Integrated Aquatic Vegetation Management Plan with the asistance of Aquatechnex biologists. This planning process resulted in the implementation of a treatment program to maintain Sonar Aquatic Herbicide at very low doses in the lake for a six week period. This was accomplished by Aquatechnex staff calculating lake volume, dosing the lake at 10 parts per billion, monitoring at 2 week intervals and useing the results of that monitoring to bump the levels back toward 10 ppb if necessary. This treatment was accomplished in 2000.

In each year since, Aquatechnex has been selected to perform post treatment assessment and monitoring. Each year our team performs a boat and diver survey of the littoral area of the lake. There has been a robust recovery of native aquatic plant growth in the space formerly occupied by Eurasian Milfoil. We completed the 2012 survey this past summer and Lake McMurray remains free of this noxious aquatic weed. In addition to the Sonar treatment protocol resulting in eradication from this lake system, there have been no cases of reintroduction. The cost of this treatment initially was approximately $70,000.00 and with each additional year of being milfoil free, the cost benefit of the treatment go up.


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