Noxon Reservoir (Montana) Eurasian Milfoil Project Ready to Go


Eurasian Milfoil Bed in Noxon Reservoir

Aquatechnex biologists have completed a pre treatment survey of Noxon Reservoir on the Clark Fork River to support the Sanders County Eurasian Milfoil Task Force.  Our firm was awarded a one year contract to support their efforts by providing pre treatment quantification of aquatic invasive species communities, build treatment maps for the application of aquatic herbicide, evaluate the treatment performance approximately 30 days and 52 weeks post treatment and to recommend technologies and techniques that may enhance control in the future.

This is a challenging water system being a run of the river reservoir.  Flows can limit concentration exposure time in the target weed beds.  It is expected that the application contractor will begin work the week of August 6th at this point and that we will be following up with post treatment monitoring about one month later.


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