APMS announces $40K Granduate Student Research Grant

This announcement from the Aquatic Plant Management Society notifies the public about a grant opportunity we have offered as a Society for a number of years.  A graduate student research grant in the area of aquatic plant management and ecology is being offered by the Aquatic Plant Management Society’s research and education organization.  Co-sponsors of this academic award may also include regional APMS chapters:  Florida, MidSouth, Midwest, Northeast, South Carolina, Texas and Western.

Objective:  To provide a grant for a full-time graduate student to conduct research in an area involving aquatic plant management techniques (used alone or integrated with other management approaches) or in aquatic ecology related to the biology or management of regionally or nationally recognized nuisance aquatic vegetation.

Applicants:  Solicitation for proposals is open to any full-time faculty member and/or graduate student of an accredited U.S. academic institution.  A faculty sponsor must be identified if the application is submitted by a graduate student.

Amount:  $40,000 (it is the policy of APMS not to pay overhead or indirect costs).

Duration:  Two (2) years ($20,000 per year).

Proposal Deadline:  Applications must be postmarked no later than April 15th, 2012.

Guidelines for Proposals:  Proposals should contain a concise statement of the project, including its purpose and justification, as well as sections that discuss study objectives, methodology, schedule, budget, and planned publication of results.  The resumé of the faculty applicant and graduate student (if known) should not exceed two (2) pages each.  Proposals should not exceed ten (10) pages, and must be signed by the applicant (principal investigator) and an appropriate university official.  Include copies of your five (5) most recent peer reviewed publications.  Please submit a pdf file of your full application via email to Dr. Michael D. Netherland at mdnether@ufl.edu.

Award:  Notification of award will be provided to the faculty member in time to make arrangements to attend the APMS 52nd Annual Meeting (July22 to 25, 2012 – Salt Lake City, UT).  Formal announcement of the recipient will be made at the annual meeting, with initiation of the stipend scheduled for the 2013-2014 academic year.  Payments will be made before January 31st of each year.

Requirements:  Semi-annual progress reports must be submitted to APMS prior June 30th and December 31st for each year of the grant.  The faculty member and student must participate in at least one annual APMS Board of Directors meeting and attend the annual APMS meeting.  The student must present results of the funded research at least one time over the duration of the grant, although it is preferred that presentations are made annually.  Upon completion, a final report must be submitted to APMS.

Inquiries: Dr. Michael D. Netherland, US Army ERDC, 7922 NW 71st Street,  Gainesville, FL 32653

Phone – 352-392-0335 and e-mail –  mdnether@ufl.edu


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