AquaTechnex wins SePRO Preferred Applicator 2011 Leadership Award

AquaTechnex was closed last week so that our entire team could attend the SePRO Preferred Applicator Meeting in Sydney, Australia.  This program is presented by SePRO, the leader in development of lake and aquatic plant management tools. At the meeting, our team learned about new technologies SePRO has recently registered wiht the US Environmental Protect Agency and how to apply these products to target invasive aquatic weed and toxic algae growth.  It was very informative.  AquaTechnex is the only aquatic plant management business that is qualified as a SePRO Preferred Applicator in the Western United States where we operate.

During this meeting, our company was recognized with the 2011 Sustainable Leadership Award.  SePRO presents this award each year to one of the applicators in attendance.  Our team of Terry McNabb, Kyle Langan, Adam Kleven, Ian Cormican and Adam Harrow were invited onstage for the presentation.  We received this award for our leadership in the use of Phoslock technologies to remove phosphorous pollution from lakes in our region, this technology allows us to limit the amount of algaecide necessary to maintain lake systems free of toxic algae.

We are grateful for this recognition and will be striving to do good work with these technologies in the coming year.


One Response to “AquaTechnex wins SePRO Preferred Applicator 2011 Leadership Award”

  1. Mark Litwiler Says:

    Well deserved!

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