Blue Water Satellite Announces New Pricing for Water Quality Monitoring

Cyanobacteria levels mapped in 2,500 acre Reservoir. Green pixels show low levels of cyanobacteria, yelllow and orange values are asigned to higher levels of concern. Note that the majority of the reservoir is probem free but if sampling took place in the orange areas this would not be known.

Aquatechnex has been working with Blue Water Satellite to deploy their water quality monitoring technologies in the Western United States.  Their patented remote sensing technology allows our clients to monitor a number of water quality parameters using Satellite Imagery and processing.  The primary constituents we monitor for are cyanobacteria/toxic blue green algae, chlorophyll a, and phosphorus. 

There are a number of advantages of this technology.  Conventional grab sampling methods require travel to the site, launching a boat, collecting grab samples and shipping to a laboratory for processing.  In addition to the costs of collection, the information provided only tells the researcher what is happening at that exact point. 

The Blue Water system samples lakes at a rate of five samples per surface acre, a 300 acre lake for example has results for 1,500 sampling sites.  After processing, the resulting image map also shows the exact trends and concentrations across the entire lake surface, not just the point where a sample has been collected.  For more information see

To this point the Blue Water Pricing Model focused on large lakes and reservoir systems.  They have now provided us with the ability to quote cost effective sampling programs for smaller water bodies.  Please give this some thought and contact your Aquatechnex representative for details and price quotations for sampling this coming spring and summer.


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