Getting Lakes Ready for the PGA Tour

Aquatechnex biologists managing PGA Tour lakes

Every January a number of golf course superintendents in the Palm Desert area gear up to host the Bob Hope Classic, the first PGA tour event in the US each season.  One of the unique features of this tournament is that it takes a number of golf courses to host this event.  These superintendents spend the weeks prior to the event getting their courses in tip top shape to host the tour pros and PGA officials. 

These golf course professionals are expert in the management of turf grass and preparing a course for tournament play.  For a number of years now, may of these same superintendents turn to Aquatechnex biologists to make sure their water features and lakes are in tip top condition as well. 

The lakes on these properties are often the focal point for camera locations and in many cases sponsors use the lakes to showcase their wares. For example many events sponsored by auto manufacturers will place a float and featured vehicle on the surface of the lake near key holes.  Any aquatic weed or algae growth that is present in these systems can degrade the aesthetics of the setting.  Our team is expert in the management of this problem growth and like the superintendents on these properties, our team spends the weeks prior and the week during the event making sure the water side of the operations are well maintained and an asset to the property.

We also get to watch some good golf! For more information


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