Our partner Blue Water Satellite looks at Gulf Oil Spill

 This press release talks about how Blue Water Satellite can use the same technology we are deploying to map cyanobacteria, phosphorus, e. coli and other water quality parameters.  View the images at the lines below.

New Satellite Imaging Sees BP Oil Spill Below Ocean Surface Blue Water Satellite, Inc. (www.bluewatersatellite.com)  announces the release of satellite imagery showing not only oil at the surface but also sub-surface oil, and barrier boom deployment.

Bowling Green, OH, May 26, 2010 — These satellite images are believed to be the first one’s looking beneath the surface. This satellite imaging technology can better help scientists and engineers to determine the extent of the spill, how the oil is proceeding toward shore, and monitoring the progress of cleanup efforts.

Dr. Robert Vincent, Chief Technical Officer of Blue Water Satellite (BWSI), is a worldwide satellite imaging expert with over 44 years of remote sensing experience. Dr. Vincent used NASA’s Landsat series of satellites and processed images from the recent Gulf Oil Spill. “The same technology Blue Water Satellite uses to monitor water pollution at and below the surface of rivers, lakes, and oceans is useful in viewing the extent of the Gulf Oil Spill” said Dr. Vincent.

For those interested in source of the tar balls washing up on Key West beaches BWSI scientists may also be an answer. “The satellite imaging technology created by BWSI has the capability of analyzing water purity in an area as small as 30 square meters”, said Dr. Vincent.

BWSI is dedicated to helping maintain the safety and purity of the world’s water supply. BWSI uses the same patented satellite imaging technology to detect the presence, location, and concentration (down to parts per billion) of Cyanobacteria in the world’s lakes, streams, rivers, ponds, and reservoirs. “Early detection lowers chemical treatment costs and reduces damage to the water body. BWSI™ technology can also detect total Phosphorus on land and in water, Ch-a, E Coli, total vegetation coverage, and septic leakage”, said Dr. Vincent.

BP Gulf oil spill disaster satellite Images can be seen at: http://www.bluewatersatellite.com/Bpoildisaster.pdf  For additional information about BWSI’s patented water monitoring technology, capability and whitepapers contact Hugh Martin, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

About Blue Water Satellite, Inc.

Blue Water Satellite was founded by Milt Baker and Dr. Robert K. Vincent one of the United States leading experts on remote sensing and a professor of geology at Bowling Green State University.



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