Aquatechnex Team wins Grant to Improve Eurasian Milfoil Control Technologies

A team of scientists assembled by Aquatechnex has been awarded a grant to improve the understanding of herbicide application technologies targeting Eurasian Milfoil. Since the Lake Pend Oreille/Pend Oreille River milfoil control efforts were begun in ernest in 2006, a significant number of acres have been successfully controlled. As of last year, the infested acres had been reduced from over 6,000 to less than 700 acres. The remaining acres however are often located in deep water where currents are a concern. To be effective, herbicides have to be delivered in a manor that keeps them in contact with the target vegetation long enough to gain control.

Our project will have two componenets. The first will evaluate the contact and exposure times of liquid and controlled release granular herbicides in the same plant beds. This research should provide insight to aquatic plant managers on selecting tools that will maximize this critical element in future operational situations. The second component will be to evaluate instrumentation that measures water movement throughout the water column at the same time. This may provide us with a tool that we can used to look at conditions at operations sites in the future and make a determination on the best tools to utilize.

This work will happen in the Clark Fork/Pend Oreille system and our team will be evaluating sites for the study. We will also be coordinating with other research efforts that will be occuring this summer and are looking forward to improving technologies to help managers in this system deal with this noxious aquatic weed.

We will be present at the May 20th meeting in Sandpoint, Idaho to present this information and provide the public with additional information.


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