Aquatechnex introduces Phoslock into phosphorus management programs

Phoslock being applied to remove phosphorus and limit algae production

Algae blooms are a major problem in nutrient rich waters around the world.  The key nutrient that fuels this growth is phosphorus.  The phosphorus levels in a lake or pond generally determine the carrying capacity of that system to product problem algae growth.  In recent years an increasing trend has been toward cyanabacteria.  These bluegreen species produces a number of toxins that are a serious threat to human health.  While there are a number of good algaecides available to lake managers, reducing the amount of phosphorus in the lake can significantly reduce the amount of algae the system can produce and support.  This can be a preventative measure that limits the need for treatment.

Our algae management programs have a new tool.  Phoslock is a patented formulation that is applied to the water surface.  The material settles through the water column removing up to 95% of the reactive phosphorus present in the water.  It also form a barrier on the water sediment interface that adsorbs phosphorus from the sediment pore water.  Unlike other phosphorus removal technologies, this material will work in a wide range of pH and under anoxic conditions.

Our scientists calculate the phosphorus mass balance for the system and determine a dose that will target and remove this limiting nutrient.  For more information please contact us at and we can discuss how this new technology may meet your needs.


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