AquaTechnex launches R.A.D.A.R. Program targeting toxic algae

Starting this coming season, AquaTechnex will offer a unique program targeting toxic algae blooms throughout the Western United States.  R.A.D.A.R. stands for Remote Algae Detection and Response.  These cyanobacteria blooms are becoming more common and threaten the health of lake and reservoir users.

The RADAR program is centered around our partnership with Blue Water Satellite.  This technology will be used to monitor for cyanobacteria levels in our clients lakes and reservoirs.  The satellite system will sample these reservoirs from twice a month to every eight days depending on need.  The patented algorithm can detect and map these species by focusing on a pigment that exists only in these forms of toxic algae. 

When problems are detected, the RADAR program mobilizes our teams to combat the threat.  We use this information to focus testing for the toxins these algae produce when they are show to reach critical levels.  We then can bring to bear a wide range of tools to reduce the populations below problem levels.  This can include nutrient precipitation or algae management applications.

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