Aquatechnex teams with Blue Water Satellite to detect toxic algae blooms

Cyanobacteria/Toxic Algae Blooms are a significant threat to human health. Blue Water Satellite technology helps us detect and manage these problems.

AquaTechnex has partnered with Blue Water Satellite to offer their unique detection and monitoring services throughout the areas we serve.  Blue Water Satellite has patented technology to detect and map cyanobacteria in surface waters using satellite imagery and processing down to parts per billion levels. Each subject lake can be mapped from twice a month to once every 8 days.  The system processes five samples per surface acre, providing a clear picture of levels present and the bloom’s patterns.  These maps and data are available to the client through a secure server rapidly so decisions can be made regarding health alerts or targeted control.  This cost effective monitoring program provides a wealth of data not available from conventional water sampling programs and is a key component of a successful management plan. 

The low cost is one thing that is extremely attractive.  Conventional water sampling can run as high as $100.00 per sample plus travel time to acquire it.  As an example, a 2,500 acre reservoir can be sampled twice a month using the Blue Water System for a fraction of that cost.  In addition, as the image processing samples five points or pixels per surface acre, 12,500 locations are sampled using this technology to build a map of cyanobacteria concentrations.  This system can be used to track bloom conditions and plan response programs. 

Cyanobacteria or Blue Green Algae pose a threat to human health.  These single celled organisms thrive in nutrient rich lakes and reservoirs.  Under bloom conditions they can produce toxins that have killed pets and livestock.  There are numerous cases of these blooms causing sickness in humans and recently deaths have been attributed to injesting tainted water.

Blue Water can also perform phosphorus detection and mapping both in the lake and on the watershed to detect sources of this key input. Blue Water can also provide review and detection over the past 27 years from historical satellite data.


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