Lone Lake Brazilian Elodea Control Project Stunning Success

Lone Lake is a 110 acre waterbody on Camino Island in Washington State.  This waterbody is relatively shallow and the entire lake surface area comprises the littoral zone.  In 2005, this lake was heavily impacted by the noxious aquatic weed Brazilian Elodea.  Boat passage was next to impossible throughout much of the lake, and the annual triathlon swimming event was jeopardized.  The community turned to Aquatechnex to develop and implement an integrated management plan.

The first component was treatment of the lake with Sonar Precision Release (PR) aquatic herbicide.  This herbicide is extremely effective against this target species when levels from 8 to 12 ppb  can be maintained over time.  Our team used Sonar PR because that pellet technology allows for a controlled release of the herbicide over the required time frame.  We calculated the lake water volume and made an initial application, followed by monitoring of herbicide levels in the lake and two additional dosing applications based on those results.  At the end of 2007, the Brazilian Elodea population in the lake was completely impacted.

In 2007, phase two of the integrated plan took root.  The lake was stocked with low levels of triploid grass carp to maintain aquatic plant populations.  The successful treatment allowed our biologists and the community to use fewer fish that would normally be recommended. 

As the end of the season in 2009 has come, the community reports that this was one of the best years ever on the lake for recreation, fishing and other sports.  This project shows what can be accomplished through the integration of aquatic plant management tools over time.


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