NALMS attendees hear about progress on Lake Pend Oreille

The North American Lake Management Society annual meeting was held last week in Hartford, CT.  Aquatechnex biologists presented a paper on the progress made on the Lake Pend Oreille Eurasian Milfoil Project over the past six years. 


Eurasian Milfoil 2006 Pre Treatment

We began working on this project in 2004 at the request of Bonner County’s Public Works Department.  Eurasian Milfoil at that point was having a stunning inpact on this lake and river system.  In 2005 our team performed a mapping mission over 90 miles of shoreline and detected over 6,000 acres heavily infested with this noxious aquatic weed.  In 2006 we deployed to target about 4,000 of these acres using ISDA funding.  The primary tool used that summer was Sonar PR aquatic herbicide.  The majority of those acres treated in 2006 remain milfoil free during the summer of 2009 gaining four years of control from that first application.  Areas in the river with higher water exchanged were targeted with selective aquatic herbicides.  Treatments during 2007 and 2008 further reduced these populations.  By the time our team began work in 2009, the milfoil populations had been reduced from a peak of 6,700 acres to under 700.


Summer 2009, Renovate Treated area remains milfoil free four seasons post treatment

This past summer a new product, Sculpin was used in conjunction with liquid triclopyr.  Sculpin is a new granular formulation of 2,4-D on a biodegradable pellet.  This material was applied using our new eductor


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