Aquatechnex selected for 2009 Bonner County E. Milfoil Control Program.

Our company is honored to have the opportunity to assist the Bonner County Public Works Department manage this years Eurasian Milfoil Control Program. This morning the Bonner County Commissioners voted to approve the recommendation to hire our firm made by the County Weed Department. Approximately 1,100 acres of this harmful non-indigenous species will be targeted this summer. There will be a number of avenues we will make available to the public to keep track of progress and get information on how this operation may affect your area of the lake or river. Stay tuned to for updates as the treatment dates get closer. Daily feeds will start prior to treatment.


One Response to “Aquatechnex selected for 2009 Bonner County E. Milfoil Control Program.”

  1. Hope Marine Services Says:

    Please notify us when the treatment will take place for Ellisport Bay. HopeMarine Services and the Floating Restaurant is private property and will not give permission to tresspass to apply any herbicide on our property. Please send us the posted dates. Thank you! Pam and Rick Auletta

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