Trimble Navigation Article Features Aquatechnex

Trimble is the leading manufacturer of high end Global Positioning Systems for mapping.  These systems and their software work seamlessly with ArcGIS, the leading Geographic Information System mapping software.  Our company has been a leader in applying these technologies to the aquatic plant management field.  Trimble has recognized that and have features our Bonner County efforts in a new article and fact sheet they are publishing.  This article will begin to appear on their web site in the near future, in the mean time you can click on this link:

When you get there, look for the Customer Stories and “Winning the War on Weeds” article.  This story focuses on our use of the Trimble GeoXT to collect aerial photography and to move that into ArcGIS for mapping aquatic plant communities.  This is a pdf so you may print or download it as well.


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