WAPMS Meeting provides a Wealth of New Information

The Western Aquatic Plant Management Society meeting was held in Honolulu this past week.  This is one of the meetings where researchers, agencies and operations personnel get together and listen to papers on the work being done in our field.  These meetings are critical to us in many respects.  They allow us to get a better understanding of the current state of the art in our field, learn about new technologies that are coming through the research pipeline and get continuing education credits necessary to support our licenses.  A summary of some of the key developments:

SePRO completed a research field trial with respect to contact/exposure time relationships.  One of the keys to getting control of invasive aquatic weeds is keeping herbicides in contact with the plants in an environment where dilution and other factors can degrade it.  Their study showed that using granular herbicides such as Renovate OTF can dramatically improve contact time and thus efficacy over many liquid formulations.  There of course is a trade off, where you expect static conditions often liquid formulations are more cost effective.  As such more challenging sites would benefit from the use of a granular controlled release formulation.

Two new herbicides are coming to market, a granular formulation of 24D amine, Sculpin and a combination of this herbicide and triclopyr, Renovate Max G will be available to selectively target Eurasian Milfoil

Applied Biochemists has continued to improve their Algae Control technology including making the Algae Challenge Tool available to help applicators select the correct products and mix and target resistance strains such as lingbia.

The State of California will be stepping up efforts to target Hydrilla in Clear Lake this summer, some re-emergence of this problem species has occurred.  The primary control option will be Sonar. 

There are a number of new boat wash stations available to help stop the spread of invasive aquatic species.  Sheilah Kennedy of S-K Environmental (www.s-k-enviro.com) presented some results for the system they have developed and deployed in a number of locations. 

This meeting will be held in Seattle in March of 2010, and we will be assisting with the local arrangements.  Keep www.wapms.org bookmarked for updates.


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