Aquatechnex completes first Cabela’s Lake Mapping Project in Hawaii

It’s always hard to explain that your going to Hawaii to work.  That’s just what we had to do this past week.  About two years ago, an earth dam on the Island of Kauai failed causing extensive damage and loss of life downstream.  This event occurred during a major storm that overtopped the dam causing it to wash out.  Since that event, there has obviously been concerns about a repeat of this.  The problem is that most of the lake owners there don’t have a good tool to measure lake volume and other critical information.

We deployed the Cabela’s ( Lake Mapping System this past week and performed a bathymetry and 3D data collection mission.  This data has been shipped to the Cabela’s Geographers and the process of calculating the exact water volume of this system will be completed this week.  This will allow the client to understand the exact water volume they are holding behind their dam and more effectively communicate with the State Regulatory Agencies.


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