Pend Oreille Lake Milfoil Control Program Presentation

Aquatechnex will be presenting an overview of the last six years of Eurasian Milfoil Control on Lake Pend Oreille and the Pend Oreille River at the upcoming Western Aquatic Plant Management Society Meeting (  This lake and river system is over 120,000 acres and at it’s peak had about 7,000 acres heavily infested with this harmful non-indigenous species.  Since 2004, Aquatechnex has been assisting Bonner County manage this infestation.  There have been three years of intensive treatments performed using funding provided by the Idaho State Department of Agriculture and based on our 2005 and 2008 mapping work, we estimate that the control effort has reduced the milfoil populations in this system to about 11 percent of the original infestation.  That is quite an accomplishment in a system this large.


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