Washington Lake Residents Successfully Stop House Bill 1074

As we noted in a post below, a bill was introduced in the Washington State Legislature that if passed would have cost lake residents thousands of dollars to complete aquatic plant management activities, and cause nightmares for the local post offices.  This bill would have required applicators performing work under the State’s permit to control invasive aquatic weeds to send notification to all residents by Certified Mail.  On just one lake we manage, the increased cost to the Lake Management District would have been over $10,000.00.  As these districts have a fixed budget they have voted to assess themselves, this would have required them to significantly reduce the effort they put into managing Eurasian Milfoil in this system.  In addition, we calculated that the postal route carrier would have had to devote approximately 22 days just to deliver the certified letters and gain receipt of delivery.  This would have devistated the delivery of mail.  Compound that by the substantial number of lakes that require this work and this would have been a significant stress on these efforts.

Aquatechnex mobilized all of the lake associations we work with and know about and were successful in contacting their legislators and relaying their concerns about this bill.  We also sent emails to each of the legislators on the first committee to have a hearing on this bill and pointed out the specific impacts this would have on those lakes in their own districts. 

We were informed today by the Washington Friends of Farm and Forest that HB 1074 has been pulled from this session of the legislature.  As such, this action will not impact operations in 2009.  We will remain on watch for any effort to renew this bill and communicate accordingly.  Those of you that supported fighting this bill should be commended for your hard work and effective communication with your legislators.  Thanks.


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