SePRO Announces New Technology for Eurasian Milfoil Control

Last week Aquatechnex biologists were invited attendees at the SePRO Preferred Applicator Technical Training Meeting.  During the business and training session, SePRO announced two new tools for Eurasian Milfoil control that will be available to our clients as EPA completes registration early this spring.

Sculpin Herbicide will be a granular formulation of 2,4D amine.  While 2,4D herbicides have long been used for selective Eurasian Milfoil control in lake and river systems, the only granular formulation available to applicators for years has been the BEE formulation.  The BEE formulation is subject to a US Federal Court Injunction for application to Salmon Bearing Waters in California, Oregon, Washington and portions of Idaho.  This injunction resulted from a environmental group lawsuit charging EPA had not consulted with the Marine Fisheries Agency regarding the impact of various herbicides on salmon.  The amine formulation found in Sculpin has a much wider margin of  safety for Juvenile salmon and the Court has allowed that product to be directly applied to these same waters.  Having an amine granular formulation will allow us to improve the contact time necessary to gain control of this noxious invasive weed in waters where this chemistry is the best option for control.sculpin-logo

The second product announced is Renovate MAX G (granular).  Renovate is another selective herbicide that is target specific for Eurasian Milfoil.  It has been used very effectively throughout the northern United States for a number of years to provide long term control of this invasive aquatic weed.  With the advent of projects with smaller and smaller colonies of milfoil, more difficult to control hybrid forms of Milfoil and more difficult to control situations, SePRO developed Renovate MAX G as a combination of triclopyr and 2,4D amine herbicides that are optimized to improve control over either of these products used alone.  This technology should dramatically improve long term control of this weed throughout the region. renovatemaxg-logo1

They also announced a drive toward sustainability.  As part of that commitment to the environment, SePRO has developed a biodegradable granule as the controlled release carrier for both of these herbicides.  Most other granular carriers are clays that have to be mined from the earth and transported to manufacturing and then to the field.  Using this completely biodegradable technology, the mining and transport to manufacturing step is removed and nothing is left in the environment after delivery of the herbicide to the target species.

We are excited to bring these technologies to the field.  Those of you in the Western United States should be looking for invitations to attend our Eurasian Milfoil Control Seminars in January.


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  1. Sam Barrick Says:

    Great update to your clients

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