Aquatechnex Integrates SonarOne Aquatic Herbicide into Lake and Pond Programs

SePRO Corporation has recently registered Sonar One Aquatic Herbicide with the EPA.  Sonar has been used by our firm to eradicate Eurasian Milfoil from a number of lakes in the Western United States.  This product has a long contact exposure time requirement however, and multiple applications have often been necessary to maintin control.


SonarOne is a blend of pellets with different herbicide release rates.  This new technology creates an ongoing exposure of the target weeds to the herbicide through ongoing release of the material into the water column.  One application of this formulation of Sonar can allow the applicator to provide the exposure necessary to control aquatic weeds while minimizing trips to the site to make applications. 


This graph shows how one application of SonarOne can provide continuous exposure of the product to the target vegetation over time. 

Aquatechnex has used the SLAM Program for the majority of our smaller lake and pond treatments over the past two summers to manage problem aquatic weed growth.  The SonarOne technology will allow us to provide the same level of control for our clients while reducing the number of trips to make applications at the site.  This will result in the same great efficacy while reducing the costs of these treatments.  The summer of 2008 with the high fuel prices drove the cost of these treatments up, SonarOne will let us start to bring these costs back down.  We are looking forward to deploying it.


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