Aquatechnex Completes Loon Lake Bathymetry Mapping

Loon Lake is located in Washington State just north of Spokane.  Bathymetry maps are something that has been available for Washington Lakes, the State conducted a survey of the majority of the larger lakes in the late 1960’s.  Forty plus years is a long time however and changes in the watershed can contribute sediments that fill lakes in.  The Loon Lake Community has formed a lake management district (LMD) and getting current bathymetry to help them manage this resource was key.

Aquatechnex biologists were able to deploy the Cabela’s Lake Mapping System to Loon Lake in October of this year.  Data collection on this 1106 acre lake took approximately five days to complete, the Cabela’s system records a GPS point and depth location every 2 seconds and over 120,000 sounding points were collected as part of this process.  This data was shipped to Cabela’s Geographers and they developed extremely accurate bathymetry and 3D models of the lake.  The project was completed in under three weeks from start to finish and the lake residents now have an excellent system to use in their ongoing lake management program. 

To view a sample map from Loon Lake click on the link below.



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