McDowell Lake Eurasian Milfoil Control Successful

McDowell Lake is located in the Little Pend Oreille National Wildlife Refuge just east of Coville, Washington.  This lake was revered by fly fishers throughout the northwest as one of our premier fishing waters.  In the mid 2000’s, the invasive weed Eurasian Milfoil was introduced to the systems.  This noxious weed rapidly filled the water column lake wide and choked off access to the fishery.  As this pristine water was walk in walk out, fishers with tubes could not move around the lake through the thick growth.

The US Fish and Wildlife Service turned to Aquatechnex to help solve this problem.  Aquatechnex has a long history of providing programs that can eradicate this invasive species from a water body.  We designed and delivered a program that utilized timed treatments of Sonar Aquatic Herbicide in the new Precision Release Pellet technology in 2006. The key to this success is being able to maintain low doses of Sonar in contact with the target vegetation for an extended period of time.  The Precision Release Pellet is designed to help accomplish that goal.

In the summer of 2007 and 2008, Aquatechnex divers have surveyed the lake and determined that the system remains milfoil free.  This lake is added to the list of lake systems we have successfully eradicated Eurasian Milfoil from using our technology.  In addition, as is generally the case, native aquatic plants are thriving in the nitch that used to be occupied by the noxious invader.

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2 Responses to “McDowell Lake Eurasian Milfoil Control Successful”

  1. Billl Hassen Says:

    Resident of Lake Tapps, Wa. Have you had any discussion with Pierce Co. Wa Health Dept. or residents of Lake Tapps r.e. milfoil eradiecation? Infestationis significant- need help from someone, found your website. Had to start somewhere. Have any suggestions. FYI- Lake Tapps is a reservoir thus the water level is down during the winter thus exposing the milfoil. When the lake is full during the spring, summer and fall, the level of the milfoil hasn’t reached the surface but now that the level of water during the winter is down, the milfoil becomes apparent. The milfoil has gotten significantly worse in the past three years.

    • aquatechnex Says:

      Bill, thanks for the note. We would be happy to visit the site and get a feel for what your dealing with. I know right where Lake Tapps is and had been wondering if the change in management of the reservoir from the power company might change the conditions in the lake. You can go back to our blog and see an article about a new a couple new formulations for this.

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