Cabela’s Appointed Aquatechnex as Lake Mapping Partner for much of the Pacific Northwest

Aquatechnex has been working with Cabela’s (The Worlds Foremost Outfitter) as a lake mapping partner for many areas in California and Oregon for the past year.  This group has developed a very cost effective bathymetric and 3D mapping program.  We collect the GPS data necessary to create these maps and Cabela’s processes that data.  We have used this information to help clients monitor sediment build up, locate habitat and structure for fisheries management and to help recover from flood disasters.  We are please to be able to bring this technology now to the Pacific Northwest.  For more information go to the Cabela’s Link on the Blog Roll to the right on this page.  Just above the map there are links to examples and  there you can view a lake mapping article that is extremely informative. 

Be sure to click on the Lake Mapping Article that is available on this page, it gives a great outline of how this process works and how it might benefit your organization.


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