Aquatechnex saves City Drinking Water Supply from Toxic Algae

Aquatechnex biologists scrambled to Southern Oregon this past Friday to control a toxic algae bloom at a city drinking water supply reservoir.  This system was experiencing a significant Anabaena Bloom.  This species of algae can produce toxins and when water tainted with this algae is processed it can cause taste and odor problems that exceed water quality standards causing a violation. 

As this system was not allowed to use a copper based algaecide, we used the new peroxygen formulation of GreenClean Pro.  This granular product is applied through an eductor system as shown here and rapidly forms buffered and stablized hydrogen peroxide when the granules hit the water.  This application started affecting the algae almost at once.  There are no impacts on other organisms and this product is approved for use in domestic water supply systems as the byproduct is oxygen.

Eductors are a new and effective way to broadcast granular algaecides and aquatic herbicides like GreenCleanPro.  These systems put out an excellent coverage pattern and make for a much cleaner and dust free application.  The granular material is metered into a water stream and broadcast from a treatment vessel guided by GPS technology. 



It should be further noted that Solarbee aeration systems had been installed two months ago and this is the worst the lake has ever been. 


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