Aquatechnex awarded Bill Dance Porcupine Fish Attractor Dealership

Aquatechnex is pleased to announce that we have secured a dealership for the Bill Dance Porcupine Fish Attractors.  These unique systems provide excellent habitat and cover for fish at a very cost effective price.  Many urban lakes we work on do not have enough habitat and cover.  These systems provide instant cover for smaller fish and their predators will also be attracted.  They can be used in tandam to design unique patterns and edges in your lake.  They can also be marked with a GPS or mapped to let fishermen know where the fish are. 

These products are also forming the basis for our new focus on fisheries.  Aquatechnex employs a number of highly qualified fisheries biologists.  We can use electoshocking to inventory and assess your fishery, stock a selection of fish that will provide an excellent sporting environment while biologically controlling some problem species and provide habitat to increase production.

For more information please contact your regional Aquatechnex biologist. 


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