Aquatechnex wins awards as Cabela’s Lake Mapping Partner

Aquatechnex was appointed as a Cabela’s Trophy Properties Lake Mapping Partner in July of last year.  Cabela’s, the Worlds Foremost Outfitter, started their property division in 2004 to bring buyers of hunting and fishing properties together with sellers.  Additional layers of services such as the Lake Mapping Partners program provides these landowners with tools they need to manage and enjoy their resources.  The lake mapping program allows us to use their technology and geographers to produce a number of necessary management maps such as bathymetry maps and 3D models.  These are useful in monitoring sediment build up and a number of other parameters.

At this years annual meeting held in Reno, NV, Adam Kleven of our Palm Desert, CA office won the “Bullseye” award for doing the best job of generating field data.  A number of our mapping efforts were conducted by Adam and Cabela’s staff recognized him for getting them excellent quality GPS and GIS data they used to generate our maps.  Terry McNabb won the “Farthest Cast” award for helping in the development of the Lake Mapping Program.  Both of them won Cabela’s gift certificates that they were able to use at a private shopping event held for conference goes at Cabela’s newest retail store in Reno Friday evening.  That was quite a treat to be able to wander around that amazing store during this hosted event.  

For more information on Cabela’s Lake Mapping Program go to



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