Aquatechnex project featured in Land and Water Magazine

Land and Water Magazine published an article on the Cabela’s Lake Mapping Partnership that Aquatechnex participates in.  Town Lake is the focal point of the community in Tempe, Arizona.  This unique lake system is formed by two inflatable dams in the dry river bed of the Salt River.  Occasionally, during flood conditions, the dams have to be lowered.  The City was faced with the problem of having to monitor changes in the lake bottom due to sedimentation.

The Cabela’s program was ideal for this mission.  Aquatechnex deployed a team to the lake and spent a day and a half collecting GPS data.  That information was shipped to Cabela’s headquarters where they created 3D maps.   Click on this link to read the article, it gives a good picture how this process works and the final results.  You might take a minute to look at the Land and Water web site listed in the blogroll to the right as well. 

Understanding Town Lake


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