Remote Monitoring for Invasive Species at Boat Ramps

MonitorWe came across a very cool idea this week.  A Midwest company has invented a remote monitoring system with signage for boat ramps.  Most aquatic species are spread from lake to lake by boat trailers.  While many states have laws prohibiting the transport of these plants and animals, boaters still move these plants around.  The inventor of this system indicates that he decided to develop this technology when he viewed a boat covered with Eurasian Milfoil about to launch at a ramp on his lake.  While he mentioned it to the person, they went ahead anyway. 

This new system  is a hardened video capture devise that remotely monitors access ramps.  Signage is also present that indicates these systems are in place and notes the fines that may be brought against those that break these laws.  Many lake associations place wash stations at ramps, but these are seldom used.  The manufacture of this system indicates that the combination of signage and the monitoring cameras act like a highway patrolman on the side of the road, people go out of their way to insure they are complying with the law.  The system is also very effective in identifying violators.

These systems can be installed within one mile of a WiFi access site where the contents can be viewed over the Internet, or they can be set up with a remote pick up of data to review. 

These systems should play a major roll in the prevention of spread of these invasive species and help catch those that break these laws. 

As the manufacturer ramps up production, we are working with them become a dealer for these systems.  For more information contact and view the web site at:


One Response to “Remote Monitoring for Invasive Species at Boat Ramps”

  1. Sharon Says:

    What an excellent invention! So is there a website? A marketing plan? Are these readily available? What kind of price tag do they carry? Finding partners to get this set up at our lakes should be relatively easy… I was a little unclear from the article, does it require WIFI, or is that just for a live feed?

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