Aquatechnex selected to manage two of Golf Digest’s top 10 Golf Courses

Golf Digest recently announced their annual ranking of golf courses through out the United States.  Aquatechnex has long played a key role in lake management for the Golf Course Community and Superintendents throughout the West and Upper Midwest rely on us to keep their water features in top shape.  For 10 years, Terry McNabb taught the Lake and Aquatic Plant Management Seminar for the Golf Course Superintendents of America Association ( and over 2,500 superintendents benefited from this 8 hour program.  Our service division is proud to be a key part of these programs and of Golf Digest’s Top Ten New Private Courses, our firm has been selected to manage those within our area of operations.  For more information:


One Response to “Aquatechnex selected to manage two of Golf Digest’s top 10 Golf Courses”

  1. joe webby Says:

    what an excellent review i must come back later and read some more

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