SePRO Corporation announces new Irrigation Canal Options

SePRO Corporation is the leading provider of aquatic plant management technologies in the United States.  They have an extensive research team with the facilities to develop new technologies and bring them to the community.  SePRO is one of the only companies in the specialty chemical industry that is investing in new innovation and technology.  In addition to developing new herbicides as we have previously published, they are actively working to improve the understanding of their existing products.

In that light, they have recently announced that label changes will make Renovate Aquatic Herbicide and Sonar Aquatic Herbicide much more functional for Irrigation Delivery System Managers.  Canal systems in the western United States are the life blood of our agriculture system.  When these canals are impacted by aquatic weed and algae growth, this slows or stops the delivery of water to the farmers that feed us.  Sonar aquatic herbicide has recently been cleared to be applied to delivery canals in a number of different ways that will help managers work on this problem outside of the growing season.  The Renovate Label has also recently been changed to make is easier to use in these situations. 

For a brochure on these two new technologies, email and we will email you the brochures. 


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