Aquatechnex attends the SePRO 2007 Preferred Applicator Conference

sepro-pa-logo.gifOur entire company was a bit hard to come by for the past seven days.  Since 1997, Aquatechnex has qualified for the SePRO Preferred Applicator Program.  Each year SePRO (see blogroll on right) brings together the leading aquatic plant managers in the Country to update us on new technologies they have developed to help us combat invasive aquatic weeds.  This year’s conference was a stunning venue, a cruise to Southeast Alaska. 

While the cruise was a welcome and exciting end to the summer treatment season, the introduction of new tools we can bring to bear was also very exciting.  SePRO has gained registration for Galleon Aquatic Herbicide.  This new class of aquatic herbicide will help combat Hydrilla, Eurasian Milfoil and Brazilian Elodea.  It will also be a very key compound in the selective control of many floating leaf plants like duckweed that we see from time to time.  We will shortly receive the training they will require of each applicator certified to apply this product and start working it into our 2008 programs.  Renovate On Target Flake or OTF was discussed at length and our new eductor application systems will make this a key tool in the selective control of Eurasian Milfoil.  We learned about a number of successful applications around the Country and have a better understanding about rates and costs vs. control.  SePRO also announced a number of technologies getting closer to market.  We should soon have the first biological product to control these invasive weeds, field testing should start this coming season.  We should also see some new technologies in herbicide controlled release this coming season. 

This was an excellent learning experience and we look forward to bringing these technologies to bear on our clients problems starting tomorrow.


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