SePRO Announces New Aquatic Herbicide

SePRO Corporation, the leading provider of aquatic plant management solutions, announced at the Aquatic Plant Management Society this past week that the EPA has completed the registration process for Galleon Aquatic Herbicide.  With that hurdle out of the way, we now have a new tool to combat invasive aquatic weeds.  This product is extremely effective on a number of our harder to deal with aquatic weeds such as Hydrilla.  We expect it to have excellent activity against Brazilian Elodea and Eurasian Milfoil as well. 

As SePRO’s agent for many parts of the Western United States, we will soon be receiving technical information and labels for this product.  We will post a notice here when these are available and welcome your interest in this new technology.  For more information  you should also monitor where news will soon be posted as well. 


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