Kootenai County Hosts Eurasian Milfoil Mapping Seminar

The Kootenai County Idaho Noxious Weed Department hosteddsc_0186.jpg a seminar on Hayden Lake yesterday focused on Eurasian Milfoil Mapping.  Tom Woolf from the Idaho Department of Agriculture did an outstanding job of explaining the new mapping protocols that the State wants followed.  They want to standardize the reporting of milfoil finds from the many groups that may be doing survey work in the State this coming Season.

Idaho has taken a very active stance against this invasive aquatic weed.  For the second year their legislature has appropriated about $4 million USD that Counties like Kootenai County can use to combat this weed.

Our team spent most of this week over in North Idaho looking at mapping programs.  We spend Monday on Lake Pend Oreille with Dr. John Madsen and the Mississippi State team that is evaluating control effort there and helping organize for this year’s treatment.  What we saw in a number of our treatment areas from 2006 was very encouraging.  Wednesday we joined the group at Hayden Lake and got up to speed on the State’s requirements and efforts. 

We are looking forward to taking this to the field.  We appreciated the invite and thank the County for hosting this event, it was educational and well worth the trip.


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