Renovate OTF takes to the field

For years one of the only options we had for selective control of Eurasian Milfoil in high water exchange areas was 2,4-D.  This chemistry served us well.  Milfoil is a member of the broadleaf plant family and most native aquatic plants we look to protect are in the grass family.  Using this systemic herbicide allowed us to selectively target the milfoil and allowed the natives to recover into the space that used to be occupied by the milfoil. 

About four years ago, SePRO Corporation brought a new chemistry with similar charactoristics to the marketplace,  Renovate was registered by EPA about 2002.  We have used this product extensively and found that it provides much longer term control than 2,4-D applications while protecting the native plant communities.  We use this technology to restore native plant communities in infested water bodies.  The liquid formulation of Renovate however could be costly in deeper water applications.

To address this concern, SePRO has developed and released a new form of this product, Renovate OTF (stands for On Target Flake).  This light granular material sinks through the water column and sticks to the target plants.  This allows us to treat from the lake bottom up, not the other way around.  This is a major step in making this product more cost effective and we will be starting to deploy it in the field in the next few weeks.  For more information see:


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