North Idaho takes second shot at Eurasian Milfoil

The Idaho Legislature again appropriated approximately $4 million USD to combat the threat posed by Eurasian Milfoil to the State’s waters.  These funds will be provided to a number of local agencies and lake associations to target this invasive aquatic weed.  The major focus of control efforts will be in North Idaho where a number of larger lake systems are impacted.  Last years efforts in a number of Counties including Bonner and Kootenai had a significant impact on these populations.

We were involved in major treatments on Lake Pend Oreille and Lake Coeur d’Alene last year.  Others took on the mission on Hayden Lake and other regional water bodies.  All of these programs appear to have had a significant impact on the amounts of milfoil present.  We hope to be engaged in the fight again this coming season.  One thing to remember, as the populations of milfoil are reduced, the mapping effort needs to be increased.  It is very easy to map a 100 acre patch of this weed, it is a much harder task to find the 10 percent that might remain in a 100 acre patch after a treatment program has been initiated.  Also, costs per acre for herbicides can go up as higher rates have to be used on smaller patches.  We wish all of the milfoil warriors in Idaho well this coming season.  For more information on one project see:


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