A couple ideas for Canada Goose Management

Canada geese are an increasing problem in the urban lake environment.  While these species used to migrate, many have adapted to living among us along the water front.  Canada geese are prolific breeders, they can reproduce to the point that they overwhelem the shoreline residents of lakes and golf course ponds.  Geese feed on your lawn and cause substantial turf damage.  They excreate a considerable amount of waste each day, causing unhealthy conditions in the areas they feed in.  They can overload smaller ponds with nutrients causing aquatic weed and algae problems.  Aquatechnex has a number of solutions that can help you manage these problem species. 

Flightcontrol Plus is a unique product you spray on your turf.  This product is rain fast rapidly and causes a sick reaction in geese when treated grass is consumed.  The product also has a unique colorant that is only visible in the ultraviolet portion of the spectrum where geese see.  As such, they rapidly associate the color of your treated turf with the trouble in their stomachs leaving your property alone from that point on.  See www.flightcontrol.com for more information and contact us for product or application services.

Goose DeFence is another unique product.  This retractable fence is placed at the waterline.  Research has proven that geese will not cross these lines and are afraid of having them between them and the waterline.  For more information go to www.lakerestoration.com and contact us to purchase.

Lastly,  a recent addition to this line is the Away with Geese light system.  This light harrasses them on the water at night when they roost.  It wakes them up regularly and they find other less annoying places to hang out.  For more information go to www.awaywithgeese.com and contact us to purchase these units. 

Product or service questions should be addressed to cmcmillan@aquatechnex.com


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