RSS Feeds, these are cool!

Our blog is something that we started after learning about these from, our Client Relationship Management software company.  They can be great ways to communicate with clients without over newslettering them.  We still feel our newsletter is a good communication tool and send it out by email about 4 times a year.  Blogs are locations clients or other interested parties choose to come to.  As such, we try to make them our editorial page and a source of interesting information.

One of the really cool things I have learned about in this process is the RSS feed.  This feed is available to any and all by clicking on the RSS link on the front page of our web site or on the bottom of this page.  Once you subscribe, this informations is placed on your browser for quick and immediate access.  If you use Modzilla’s Firefox as your browser, this capability is built in.  If you use internet explorer you may have to upgrade to a newer edition.  I have a few of these that interest me on my browser now and it cuts down on access time and lets me quickly see if there is anything I am interested in.  Feel free to subscribe below and for more information see this link:


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